Premise Wiring Installations

CTI Telecom specializes in the design and installation of turnkey cabling installations. We emphasize modular designs that use state-of-the art materials, and free our customers from reliance on our labor for adds, moves, and station re-assignments. We adhere strictly to the various standards and specifications governing the data and voice cabling industry, including BICSI, IEEE, EIAMA, ANSI, UL, ESL and the FCC. All installations are quoted on a firm, fixed-price basis and because of this, we spell out all costs associated with the job in advance. Except for customer mandated changes, customers know what the job will cost, how long it will take and how the job will be accomplished – upfront.

CTI’s professional team of technicians interacts with customers in a non-obtrusive and orderly fashion.  When we are finished, the work is completed to demanding standards with the job site left neat and clean. Our cabling experience has included jobs as small as a few "cable pulls" to computer rooms, data centers and even entire buildings with thousands of cables.

Network Installation, Certification and Troubleshooting

Networks are only as good as their weakest link. When a network user experiences problems with his/her connection, many times the cabling of the network is to blame. CTI Telecom provides an analysis and certification service, along with a list of recommended actions to rectify any problems found.

Cabling Solution Installations, Relocations and Upgrades

In addition to voice and data premise wiring, CTI Telecom also provides solutions for building riser, data center and computer lab installations. We have considerable experience in fiber optic cabling solutions. Our v
oice and data network services include:

  • Servers
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • PC's
  • Racks
  • Patch Panels, etc…

For customers that are upgrading their facilities, CTI Telecom has provided services which include adds, moves and changes to existing cabling runs, upgrades of termination components such as jacks, patch panels and voice blocks.

We also provide upgrades from copper to fiber or from Category 3 to Category 5e UTP installations by replacing the station cables, jacks, drop cables, patch cords and panels. All workmanship complies with applicable standards.