Telephone System Installations, Relocations and Upgrades

New Installations: As one of the largest business telephone dealers in the country; CTI offers a complete range of new, world-class business telephone solutions to our customers. From wired and wireless Key System and PBX options to cutting edge digital telephony servers and IP telephones, CTI has the right system to meet your business needs and budget. Our certified installation technicians guarantee a solution delivered right and on time.

Relocations: For those that are relocating and are retaining their telephone systems, CTI Telecom can professionally relocate these systems. Our services include disconnection of the switch and re-installation of the switch.

Upgrades: For those companies that are growing and require upgrades, our certified dealer status makes sure that you get the right parts to protect your significant investment in your communications infrastructure.

Telephone Service, Internet Access and Network Maintenance

CTI routinely provides coordination and support services for customerís interaction with their service provider, i.e. Bell Atlantic/Verizon, CLECs, ISPs, etc. Our staff can place orders for services, coordinate service provider visits and intercede when trouble-shooting telecommunication problems is required.

In addition to working with incumbent service providers, CTI offers a full-service suite of competitive communication options. Call us for information about our one-stop shopping for telephone (local and long distance) and data services (Internet access).