CTI Telecom is an authorized reseller and servicing agent for best-of-breed quality business telephone systems from NEC and Toshiba. More than just installing phone sets, CTI also offers value-added products and services such as voice mail, interactive voice response, videoconferencing, unified messaging, and a slew of other specialized services. The business telephone products we offer include:

TOSHIBA Telephone Systems

  • Strata DK8, 14, 16, 16e, 40, 40i, 280, 424 & 424i – Key Systems
  • Strata Communications Server – Integrated Voice Server
  • Perception – Hybrid PBX System

TOSHIBA Programs

  • National Accounts Sales & Service Programs
  • GSA Schedule
  • TOSHIBA Easy Lease
  • Authorized Installation & Maintenance
  • Authorized Warranty Service
  • Authorized Training & Support

NEC Telephone Systems

  • NEAX2000 IVS - Integrated Voice Server
  • NEAX1000 IVS/VSP - Integrated Voice Server/Very Small Platform
  • NEAX WIRELESS – wireless PBX
  • NEAX EXPRESS - All-in-One Communications Server
  • Electra Elite, 48, 192 - Key Systems
  • Electra Professional, 120, Level 1 – Key Systems

NEC Programs

  • National Accounts Sale & Service Programs
  • GSA Schedule
  • NEC Leasing Services
  • Authorized Installation & Maintenance
  • Authorized Warranty Service
  • Authorized Training & Support

Other telephone systems we service include:

  • Meridian
  • Mitel
  • AT&T Merlin
  • AT&T Legend
  • AT&T Partner
  • AT&T Partner Plus
  • Premier
  • Sprint
  • Tadiran
  • Vodavi

Telephone System Add-Ons

In addition to telephone system base products from leading vendors, CTI offers a wide variety of options and features for most of the telephone systems sold including:

  • Digital and Electronic Handsets
  • Cordless Handsets
  • PC Consoles & PC DKT's
  • Wireless Telephone Systems
  • Caller-ID Options
  • Remote Maintenance
  • ISDN, PRI & T1 compatible options
  • ACD Applications for Call Centers
  • HMIS – Hospitality Management Systems for Hotels/Motels
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • PC Based Digital Telephones
  • Battery Back-Up and UPS by Best or APC
  • Music-On-Hold Design and Services
  • Call Accounting Software
  • Toshiba Full Duplex Speaker Phones
  • Polycom Full Duplex Speaker Phones
  • Plantronics Headsets and Adapters
  • Paging Speakers & Talk-Back Horns
  • Power Supplies and Amplifiers for external paging needs.

Voice Mail & Unified Messaging

Voice mail is a ubiquitous technology that allows callers to leave a recorded message when a telephone is unanswered. Voice mail in an office environment is essentially a multi-person answering machine that tightly integrates with a PBX or key system.

Recently, Voice Mail technology has been undergoing a dramatic change in deployment. Traditional telephone only Voice Mail is being supplanted by Unified Messaging, a technology that combines voice, fax and email into a common system architecture that is supported via the telephone or the computer terminal. Unified Messaging is one of the first 'convergent technologies' to successfully integrate voice and data.

CTI offers best-of-class Voice Mail and Unified Messaging systems from Toshiba, Active Voice and NEC.


  • Stratagy 4, 4 Lite, 6, 6Lite, 24, DK, Flash
  • New Stratagy Enterprise Server – Integrated Voice Server

Active Voice:

  • Lingo, XL – Voice Mail
  • Repartee VP, CTI – Voice Mail with Computer Telephone Integration
  • Unity Server – Unified Messaging
  • Replay, Replay Plus – Voice Mail
  • Custom Unified Messaging & Fax on Demand Applications


  • Electra Elite VMS -Voice Mail
  • ElectraMail® CTI, AD8 - Unified Messaging
  • Lingo - Voice Mail
  • NEAXMail AD-8, AD-40 - Voice Mail.

Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that turns any telephone into a data terminal to retrieve stored information. The touch-tone keys on a telephone enables callers to interact with a database of information through prerecorded prompts. Examples of IVR include applications based on simple audiotext announcements (static information that is read back to a caller) to sophisticated information exchanges whereby callers engage in a two-way interaction with a database of information (reading and writing information to the database). CTI offers canned or custom IVR applications from proven IVR software suppliers.

Videoconferencing allows individuals or groups at different locations to meet and share information over a communications link. Information is presented through both audio and visual display and can include text, graphics and images from a variety of sources. For telecommuting, videoconferencing offers the ability to feel connected over long distances. CTI offers videoconferencing products from Polycom, a world leader in conferencing systems.

Call Accounting System
Call Accounting is a computer based software system that attaches to a PBX or Key System to log information (time of call, duration, number dialed, incoming trunk, etc.) for every call made into or out of a phone system. The captured records, called Call Detail Records (CDR), are used to sort, process and report on calling activities. CTI offers Call Accounting for each of our telephone system products.

Call Centers
Call Centers are specialized software and hardware environments equipped to handle large volumes of incoming or outgoing telephone traffic. Using an automatic call distributor (ACD), calls are connected to the appropriate service personnel through a series of voice prompts or based on the inbound telephone number or caller ID. CTI offers Call Center software from Toshiba and NEC to complement our PBX installations.